(Open System Unix, Keep It Simple Stupid)

Why did we start OSUKISS?

I have started the OSUKISS project because of Systemd which is both a fancy application and an obscenity.
If your Linux runs on a tablet, Systemd is a good choice for it. It is perfect for a closed environment.
However, if you are managing hardware in a production setting which need to be finely tuned to your own usage, Systemd is seen as a disruptive element, which is why the schism amongst the community is so wide.
If you are a desktop user, Systemd hides the complexity and creates a black box, but if you are a sysadmin, it compounds troubles, hurts reliability, and the overall systems trust.

Why not use something else?

Like many of my fellow sysadmins, I do not believe RHEL-7 is a viable option, and as such, I have been contemplating the idea of migrating to another distribution like FreeBSD, or looking at even more exotic distributions (Going as far as checking out Minix). But switching from my universe to another 'uniXverse' gave me culture shock on every occasion I tried. I really want to keep "my" Linux.

How did it get started?

I found the Linux From Scratch community, whose purpose is to be a learning tool, but could also very well be a good starting point for a distribution. And so I've started building my own distribution starting from LFS.

What is the goal?

I want OSUKISS to be very easy to install, keeping the use upstream code as close as possible from the official original. The end goal is making OSUKISS a de facto LFS production version.

Who am I?

I've been using Linux since 1991, and in late 1992, I replaced a SCO-unix server of mine with Linux (The Yggdrasil distribution). Since then, I' ve never stopped using linux, content with RedHat and more recently, CentOS.
Let's see how big this little project of mine can get.

Octobre 2017,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada